About Chinese Slanguage

Hey, I am Daniel Fayette and I am the guy behind Chinese Slanguage. I am also a web designer and filmmaker when I am not learning Chinese.

Even though I am half-Chinese and half-American, I did not start learning Chinese until I enrolled in classes at my college. I went from zero Chinese knowledge to graduating with a Chinese minor.

While learning Chinese, I encountered first-hand the struggles of learning Chinese and this is why I started Chinese Slanguage.

The main goal is to create an ultimate resource to help Chinese learners like you choose the right courses and tools to master Chinese and save time & money.

So, having taken years of Chinese classes at college, studying at an intensive institute in Beijing, taking almost every online course available on Chinese, and taking many years of 1-on-1 private tutoring lessons, I feel uniquely positioned to help guide you down the optimal path and save you from the mistakes I made.

Plus, I’m still very much learning Chinese myself! So, if you have a recommendation for a resource for me to review, let me know. I’m constantly looking for the latest and greatest ways to learn Chinese.

Thanks for stopping by!

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