Learn and Practice Mandarin Chinese with the Best Materials

With the right courses and tools, you can reach your language-learning goals. Save time and money, while making tremendous progress, by working with the best resources, without having to sift through all the clutter.

"When learning Chinese, remember to have fun with it. Then it'll become much easier."

How Can We Help You?

Find the Perfect Online Course For Your Goals

There are too many Chinese online courses to count. Start with the best materials and focus on learning and practicing instead of searching for the best one.

Use the Right Tools and Resources

People say to work smart, not hard. I think we should work smart and work hard. Use the tools other successful Chinese learners and using and put in the work.

Stay Updated with Native Content

Finding up-to-date resources can be challenging, especially since we are not native speakers ourselves. Stay up to date with useful content and updates here.

Who is Behind Chinese Slanguage?

Hey, I am Daniel Fayette and I am behind Chinese Slanguage. I also work as a web designer and videographer.

Even though I’m half-Chinese/half-American, I started with zero Chinese-language knowledge. It wasn’t until college that I finally took my first Chinese class.

While taking classes, I experienced the ups and downs of Chinese-language learning, took intensive classes in China, finished a minor in Chinese at my college in America, and took nearly every online course there was available. I remember my own struggle and have seen others struggle, tool. And this is why I started Chinese Slanguage.

The main objective is to create an ultimate resource to help Chinese language learners choose the right courses and tools to learn, practice, and develop your Chinese language skills.

Over the past 7 years, I’ve been testing these resources out and would love to help you cut through the clutter and save you time and money. 

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