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Learn Chinese with the Best Courses

Chinese Zero to Hero Review

Chinese Zero to Hero

What is the best way to study for the Chinese HSK test? Chinese Zero to Hero provides all the teachings and courses you need to go from HSK 1 to HSK 6+ in no time.

Yoyo Chinese

What is the best and fastest way to learn Chinese conversation? Yoyo Chinese provides the best conversation-focused courses so you can speak Chinese accurately and confidently.

Pimsleur Mandarin Chinese

What is the best audio-only course to learn Mandarin? For those on the move, Pimsleur Mandarin Chinese gives you the structure and system you need to improve your Mandarin.

Who is Behind Chinese Slanguage?

Hey, I am Daniel Fayette and I am behind Chinese Slanguage. I also work as a web designer and videographer.

Even though I’m half-Chinese/half-American, I started with zero Chinese-language knowledge. It wasn’t until college that I finally took my first Chinese class.

While taking classes, I experienced the ups and downs of Chinese-language learning, took intensive classes in China, finished a minor in Chinese at my college in America, and took nearly every online course there was available. I remember my own struggle and have seen others struggle, tool. And this is why I started Chinese Slanguage.

The main objective is to create an ultimate resource to help Chinese language learners choose the right courses and tools to learn, practice, and develop your Chinese language skills.

Over the past 7 years, I’ve been testing these resources out and would love to help you cut through the clutter and save you time and money.

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